AimCam Pro Shooting Glasses

The World’s Most Advanced “Line of Sight” Camera Glasses

AimCam Pro Glasses and Hire.

Refined since the launch in 2017 and tens of thousands now sold worldwide, the Pro 2i is Aim Cams Hero product. Uniquely capture your whole shooting, hunting and fishing experience directly from your point of view. 😱

The adjustable Sony Full HD Micro Camera incorporates a unique human eye field of view Gorilla glass Lens designed to “see it your way”. Instantly playback your hits, (misses 😉) and all the action wirelessly on your Apple & Android device. Robust TR90 frames with interchangeable Z87+ High Impact Resistant Lenses as standard. RX and Full Seal Mods available.

Tactical – From manoeuvres to techniques, capture it all!!

Hunting – Record your whole hunt even through a red dot!!

Training – See the lead, the gun movement, correct it and smash it!!

Here at Powder Monkey Small Arms we also provide day hire for the AimCam Pro 2i’s. Our price is £20 per day with additional discount for multiple days…

Please ask a member of staff instore for more information and a full demo of the product.

More information about the AimCam Pro 2i’s