Bio Ammo

Bioammo are the leading company for developing the first 0% plastic cartridge on the market with biodegradable, bio-compostable and non-toxic wads and cases. Their cartridges are specially designed for hunters and clay shooters looking for a superior quality cartridge and with maximum efficiency in terms of speed and penetration. Bioammo cases and wads are made with 100% compostable and biodegradable biopolymers that do not leave toxic residues in nature.😮

HUNTING – As well as having 0% plastic, fully bio-compostable wads and cases that help the environmental sustainability of the countryside, our Game and Hunting cartridges also offer exceptional performance with great accuracy, patterning, recoil and effectiveness.

THE LUX LEAD RANGE FOR HUNTING – Specifically designed for the hunter and game shooter who is seeking an excellent cartridge with high quality, performance and efficiency, yet also without any single-use plastics.

THE LUX STEEL RANGE FOR HUNTING – Premium high speed steel shot cartridges especially designed for shooters in wetlands or sensitive areas, without impacting on the aquifers or the environment.

SPORTS SHOOTING – As well as having biodegradable wads and cases with 0% plastic that increase the environmental sustainability of Sports Shooting, our Clay cartridges also offer exceptional and carefully balanced performance with great accuracy, patterning, recoil and effectiveness.

THE REX RANGE FOR SPORTS SHOOTING – Premium quality cartridges designed by the Olympic Medallist, Jorge Guardiola, specifically for Sports Shooters, including for high-level competitions.

THE REX STEEL RANGE FOR SPORTS SHOOTING – A premium quality steel shot cartridge, especially designed for Sports Shooters without harming the environment.
For more information please ask a member of staff instore for our free catalogue. (Catalogue includes shot size, load, Wad, etc..)

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