Kral Airguns

Kral Airguns

Kral Airguns are produced by Kral Arms, one of Turkey’s leading producers of airguns and other firearms such as rifles and shotguns.

As one of the leading Companies producing shooting, hunting and sporting products, Kral Arms now employs over 250 staff in a production facility which covers over 18,000 square meters.

Using the latest top end technology and the highly skill technicians, the quality of Kral Arms products is now at an all time high. All of the production stages are carried out on site. Nothing is brought in. This means that all woodworking facilities, metal machine shops, barrel drilling and manufacturing plant are all on site, along with quality control, testing and packing.

Kral Arms predominantly exports most of the products produced, in fact 99.5%, to over 40 different Countries across the Globe.

Having been established now for over 25 years, Kral Arms mission is to produce high qulaity products but at the best possible price.

Kral Airguns comprises of a wide range of tradition spring powered airguns and also a comprehensive range of PCP airguns. Available in the UK today are the following airguns:-

Kral Springer Airguns

Kral Devil Walnut .22 Cal Kral Devil Muddy Girl .22 Cal

Kral Devil Synthetic .22 Cal Kral Devil Ultra Carbine .22 Cal

Kral Devil Carbon .22 Cal Kral Devil Champion with Silencer .22 Cal

Kral Devil Camo .22 Cal Kral Devil N12 .22 Cal

Kral Devil Skull .22 Cal Kral Devil Arboreal .22 Cal

Kral Devil Champion Arboreal .22 Cal Kral Devil Champion Camo .22 Cal

Kral Devil Champion Skull .22 Cal Kral Devil Champion with Adj. Stock .22 Cal

Kral PCP Airguns

Kral Bullpup Synthetic Marine Kral Bullpup Synthetic

Kral Bullpup Camo Kral Bullpup Walnut

Kral Bullpup Walnut Marine Kral Puncher Synthetic Marine

Kral Puncher Walnut Kral Puncher Walnut Marine

Kral Puncher Pro 500 Kral Puncher Jumbo Walnut

Kral Puncher Jumbo Synthetic Kral Puncher Knight Walnut

Kral Puncher Knight Synthetic Kral Puncher Empire X Walnut

Kral NP02 Kral NP03

Kral NP500 Kral Hi-Cap Tactical

Kral Hi-Cap Camo