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The Sabatti TLD Red bolt-action rifle, specifically designed for long-range target shooting, is a concentrate of Italian fine engineering, offering unique features such as Sabatti’s own Blizzard action, MRR barrels, and multi-layer special laminate wood stock.

The TLD bolt-action rifle (“Tiro a Lunga Distanza”, Italian for “Long-range shooting”) embodies the long years of Sabatti’s experience in the manufacture of high-accuracy firearms. Developed in close collaboration with BCM Europearms, a global leader in custom long-range rifles, the Sabatti TLD is a true precision all-rounder, offering features such as an F-Class or Open class-styled stock and a detachable magazine.

The TLD was the first rifle to feature Sabatti’s own, revolutionary Blizzard action, witha three-locking lugs bolt head for a fast, short 60-degrees throw. Both the bolt and the receiver are machined out of solid steel billet; the knob is installed on the cocking handle via a 5/16” thread and can be replaced with any similar aftermarket component. The bolt is heat treated, chrome-lined and rectified to reach the desired level of thickness; the process returns a very low level of surface roughness, making the bolt extremely smooth and silent to operate. A new 17-4PH extractor is installed on the bolt to provide superior levels of resistance against high pressures.

The Blizzard action is installed on just two points of contact –a V-shaped front block which dubs as a recoil lug, and a round rear cradle –which leave it free to float over the stock. Coupling tensions are drastically reduced, resulting in a dramatic improvement in terms of accuracy. Just like all other Sabatti rifles based on the Blizzard action, the TLD doesn’t feature any type of bedding, as the entire system is self-stabilizing and no bedding is thus required.

The Sabatti TLD Red rifle comes with a 27.9” cold-hammer forged barrel, with a 1 in 8″ twist rate, a 1.1” muzzle diameter and Sabatti’s own, patented MRR multi-radial rifling pattern –well-known and appreciated for its high accuracy, low bulletdeformation factor, and ease of cleaning. Sabatti’s MRR barrels offer a longer service life, a higher resistance to heating and superior accuracy over standard Match barrels, even with standard commercial ammunition.

The captivatingly decorated, red stock of the Sabatti TLD Red rifle is patterned on the classic style of F-Class or Open class long-range shooting rifle stocks, but is manufactured out of a brand new type of multi-layer wood laminate –a 100% Italian product, obtained out of sturdy types of wood that aremuch different from those used for laminate in northern Europe or elsewhere. The Sabatti TLD Red stock is adjustable for length of pull through the use of a set of factory-issued spacers, and comes with a likewise fully adjustable cheek riser. Other features of the Sabatti TLD Red rifle include a scope mounts-ready receiver; a five-rounds detachable proprietary magazine; and a choice of a three-lever Match-type trigger or a brand new double-stage DMST trigger, both factory-accurized to offer class-leading levels of performance.

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